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At Kamins Real Estate in Amherst we believe in convenience and efficiency. Here you will find all the paperwork necessary to apply for an apartment for rent in Amherst and surrounding areas. We also offer floor plans for our major apartment complexes. Kamins NEVER charges an application fee. One application (per person) is all you need to apply for any unit in our inventory! NO MONEY IS DUE UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED AND SELECT A UNIT TO LEASE. Please remember that our rental properties are on a "First-come first-served" basis. Once you are approved and have selected a unit you wish to lease that is the time when a deposit is due. The deposit due is a security deposit of one month’s rent and your last month’s rent. There is also an Agency Fee of ½ of one month’s rent due at that time.  Once your deposit and agency fee are received at the Kamins office you will be emailed a lease for signature via DocuSign, or as circumstances allow you may come to our office to sign.

Our Application for Rental Form (fillable/printable PDF) is required of all people 18 years and older that will be considered living in the rental.  This information will include applicant information, landlord contact information, as well as credit references.  Please fill in all the information.  If a section does not pertain to your particular circumstances, please draw a line through the blank area (printed application) or write "N/A" (printed or fillable application) so we know there is no information to check.

The Dean of Students Umass Form is required if you have ever lived in on-campus housing. This allows us to verify with the Dean of Students office your current status and serves as your “Landlord Reference” from the University. These forms can take as much as 10 days for the University to process so you should get it in early as you cannot be approved for leasing without the completed form from the University stating that you are NOT on active sanctions.

A Guarantor will be required if an applicant does not meet the income qualification in their own.  The Tenant Guarantor Form is completed by the guarantor themselves.  All guarantors must be a Massachusetts resident and meet the income guidelines: The gross annual income of the applicant or the Guarantor must be equal to 52 x one month’s rent.  (Or if paid weekly one week’s pay must equal one month’s rent.)  This form must have an actual signature and should be notarized. If you are not able to get the form Notarized, then an email from the Guarantor (from their own email address) stating the reason for not being able to get the form Notarized along with the signed form may be accepted as part of the application process.  The guarantor does not take the place of a poor rental reference from the applicant who will be residing in the unit.

If you have any questions about the forms for apartment rentals in Northampton, Amherst, or the surrounding areas please contact us here or call (413) 253-2515 today. 

House and Apartment Rentals Near UMass in Northampton and Amherst MA


  • Application for Rental Form (PDF) - To be filled out by anyone who will be named on the lease. Download this fillable PDF form to fill out electronically and email to us OR print to fill out the hardcopy & bring in to the office
  • Tenant Guarantor Form (PDF) - To be filled out by a Massachusetts resident only
  • Dean of Students - UMASS Form (PDF) - To be filled out by any applicant who has lived on UMass Campus
  • Specific Power of Attorney (PDF) - To be filled out if you will not be physically present to sign a lease or make changes to a lease