Property Management Packages

Kamins Real Estate has a proven track record of superior property management. The Kamins team bring specialized experience and knowledge to management of apartment complexes, condominiums, single and multi-family homes.

Kamins Real Estate Property Management, Since 1950Kamins Real Estate has been a leader in the community in the property management field for two generations. As one of the largest and oldest Real Estate Property Management firms in the Pioneer Valley, we are confident we can represent your real estate interests professionally.

We are large enough to handle the largest of the apartment communities while still being able to service the smaller investments. Our staff is highly trained in the property management field, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS. Every property management package is structured to fit the investor’s needs and wants. There is no standard contract. We meet with you, the investor, and research your needs, and fit our management package to suit you.

Please call us today at 413-253-2515 for a confidential meeting to discuss your property management needs.