Having trouble with applying for an apartment? Need some direction in how to work the laundry machines? Got a maintenance issue and not sure how to get it fixed? This page describe our processes in more detail as well as answer common troubles. Lots of our residents are new to lease contracts, rental processes, and responsibilities associated with renting, so take a moment and read these entries. These FAQs will help you have a positive rental experience!






Do you charge a rental fee? How much does it cost and when is it due?

Yes we do.  As per Mass General Law Code 254 Section 7, Kamins Real Estate will charge a finders, rental, or agency fee equal to one half a month's rent for any lease agreement signed.  The fee will be due at lease signing.  If we do not sign a lease contract there will be no fee due.

How do I cancel my lease? Is there an option to terminate it early?

Absolutely!  We often terminate leases early.  We require a qualified replacement as well as a $50.00 termination fee per person on the lease.  We are always happy to help you find a replacement to take your place.  We will have all parties to the current lease sign a termination agreement.  This addendum will serve as notice of your intention to vacate early and describes the process to terminate your lease early.  We will work together to show your place with a day's notice and once a new lease is signed we will finalize your termination agreement and collect the fee.

Can I sublet my lease? I will be gone for a while but I expect to return.

Yes you are allowed to sublet with the owner's approval.  The sublet process is at your own risk!  As a sublet you will be finding a temporary replacement who will pay on your behalf.  It is always recommended that you sign an agreement with your sublessor outlining their responsibilities (rent amount, duration of the sublet, rules and regulations they are required to follow that are a part of our agreement) so there is no question about what is expected of them.


It is imperative you realize that any failure of rents to be paid, damages incurred, or complaints of inappropriate behavior will be a direct reflection of your tenancy regardless of who is living inside your space.


Do I need to be home to have maintenance performed in my apartment? Can I be present while maintenance is fixing my request?

NO, in fact we try and complete work orders as soon as possible.  As work comes in we prioritize emergencies and then come straight over to fix your issue.  Maintenance has a master key so you can simply come and go as you need knowing that the maintenance will fix your troubles in a timely manner.

YES, you may be present while maintenance is fixing your request.  Admittedly it will be harder to schedule around other emergencies that may need our attention first.  But we can accommodate you when necessary.

I have a maintenance problem in my place. Who do I call?

You have many choices to report any maintenance issues in your apartment.

First, call our office at 413-253-2515.  This is the quickest way for us to respond to any maintenance request.  Also the primary way to report any EMERGENCY you have inside your apartment.

Second, email us.  Not an emergency or something that came up after business hours drop us an email and it will be received the next business day

Lastly, use our Maintenance form here on the website which will also send an email message.  It will ask all the necessary information we need to process your request.


What forms of payment do you accept for rents and deposits?

We accept personal checks, bank checks or money orders. We do not have the means to process credit or debit card payments at this time. We have an insufficient check charge of $25.00.


If you perform your banking on-line you may want to set up Kamins Real Estate as a ‘vendor’ on your on-line bank account and schedule payments to be sent to Kamins automatically each month.

Be sure to include the name of the tenant and the address of the unit the rent is being paid for on the memo line of the check that will come directly from your bank.

Kamins Real Estate

400 Amity St.

Amherst, MA 01002

Example memo line: #112 Mill Hollow Apts., John Smith

What are your policies and how do you handle my personal information? Do you have a PRIVACY STATEMENT?

In accordance with the Better Business Bureau and with full compliance and accordance with the Privacy Act of 1988 and the national privacy principals Therein; we would like to describe our privacy policy as it pertains to the internet, our website, and our general off-line operations within our office.

Use of personal information:

Kamins Real Estate collects information for that which is necessary to perform the functions of our office.  This will include (but not limited to) leasing, management, refurbishment and maintenance, specifically:

  • Leasing and management of properties including payment of creditors and landlords through electronic payment systems.
  • Processing of tenancy applications: to confirm identity, assessment and confirmation of ability to meet minimum income standards, and to confirm through previous recommendation the personal habits and behavior to take appropriate care of the rental property during tenancy.
  • Establishment of rent payments.
  • Emergency contacts for next of kin or in case of necessary contact when the tenant is unavailable.
  • Training and quality control processes.
  • To aid in positive identification and verification of tenants over the phone.
  • To meet our legal obligations, e.g. in accordance with legislation.

On the internet we collect no information as a qualification to view / access our website content. You may elect to add yourself to our email alert list to receive an automatic email as we change content; however, this will automatically cease after 45 days and your email will be deleted from the database.

You may voluntarily use our website to report maintenance issues or request information on rental properties.  There is no minimum amount of information required to use these functions.  This request is delivered directly to an office email account designed specifically for that function.

How do we collect personal information:

Generally we collect personal information directly from you in the form of an Application, UMass form, and/or cosigner form to qualify you for housing. We also may request the use of a third party form for the purpose of (but not limited to) transferring utility services or for credit qualification.  We may ask you as a current resident for an update of information over the phone.

Disclosure of personal information:

As stated previously, information is collected for variety of reasons and purposes. In fulfilling the duties and obligations associated with these uses it is sometimes necessary to disclose data to a third party. These would include (but not limited to) a maintenance person(s), building inspector, sub-contractor, or insurance agent to perform work on the property or as member agents to collect delinquent rents, process court documents, or participate in the eviction process. Specific information most often given is phone information to schedule appointments. Inquiry of information or recommendation of previous or current tenant’s information to another landlord or agent will only be given after written authorization is received from said tenant allowing us to do so.

Anti-spam policy/Direct Marketing:

We do not offer, sell, or lease our online subscribership for any reason.  We do not release any information of our residents or their personal information for the purpose of sales, marketing, or solicitation.  We will advertise local business through flyers or coupons that are inserted into our move in packets that new residents receive when they pick up their keys. While visiting our website we do not use cookies or other automated detection tools to track or gather information or record your actions.  The Kamins Real Estate website may provide links to third-party websites for your convenience and information. If you access those links, you will leave the Kamins Real Estate website. Kamins Real Estate does not control those sites or their privacy practices, which may differ from our practices. We do not endorse or make any representations about third-party websites.

Contact Us:

If you have comments or questions about our privacy statement, please email

support@kaminsrealestate.com or write to us at the following address:

400 Amity Street
Amherst, MA 01002

How does laundry work in the complex I rent?

The means of payment will depend on the location you rent.

Colonial Village uses a card system. To obtain a laundry card please visit our office or the laundry card kiosk next to the maintenance office. You may load money onto your card at either of these locations as well ($40 max) then use the card at the machine(s) to start each cycle.  As the card total decreases you may re-load more money onto it (if loading your card at the kiosk please have exact change). Please note there is a fee for the card which is refunded to you with any remaining readable balance when returned to the office.

Presidential Apartments uses a tokette system.  Tokettes are plastic "coins" that only can be purchased from our office and are used instead of the traditional quarter/coins. They are dependable and safe. It takes one tokette to run a wash OR dry cycle.

Any other location where laundry is provided will be a traditional coin operated system.


I have signed a lease for the 1st. Can I move in early?

Kamins Real Estate is required to have your space ready for you on the lease start date.  Please remember that we need time to paint, clean, and prepare your space before we have you pay first month rent and pick up your keys to move.  If an opportunity presents for an early move in we will contact you directly.  If any possible early move in comes up it would be realized only a few days prior to the lease start date, no earlier.  It is always best to make plans to move on your lease start date.   

How can I hold an apartment? I am still looking but I really like the apartment I saw...

The short answer is “no.” We have a strict "First come first served" rental process. Because of this protocol, there is never an obligation to take a rental when you are approved; so you can keep looking at other options while we process your paperwork. Deposit money is accepted only once a person has been approved and has signed the lease agreement. No money is accepted at the time of application.


I live outside of the US. How do I secure a rental before I arrive?

Unfortunately, due to fraud concerns as well as our specific rental protocol we are unable to allow rental property being secured without the lessee being present here in our office to execute the lease. However you may designate a trusted local contact to view, sign the lease, and pay deposits on your behalf once you have been approved to rent from Kamins Real Estate with a properly notarized Power of Attorney letter.


How does the application process work?

Anyone considering renting an apartment from Kamins Realty must fill out an application. References are required. With this application we also describe our minimum proof of income. All applicants must collectively gross the equivalent of one month’s rent in a one week time period. Each of the lessees or Massachusetts guarantors (often parents/guardians) must make three times the annual rent for the apartment to qualify to be a leaseholder. We must verify this income in writing (paycheck stub, bank account information, etc.)

All applicants must meet the minimum income requirements or provide a Massachusetts Guarantor to cosign for their responsibilities to the lease. Qualified cosigners must meet the income qualification that the rental applicant does not.

We also require all applicants who have lived in the dorms at UMass to fill out a UMass form to verify their records with The Dean of Students.  Any student who has violated the rules while living on UMass Campus will automatically be disqualified to rent.  NO EXCEPTIONS

How does the rental process work?

We rent out apartments on a first come first served basis.  We schedule appointments to show available rentals weekdays during regular business hours.  We do not have a waiting list. We "pre-lease" apartments.   We schedule tours of the specific unit(s) in question for rent.  Availability of rentals change all the time so call often!

Why do you require "in state" guarantors to cosign?

We require cosigners to live in state because of the collection process.  When we are forced to collect past due rents or damages we use the local sheriff and courts.  They do not travel outside of the state of Massachusetts.

Do you list summer sublets for rent? I just need a place to stay for a few months.

Unfortunately we do not.  Residents will list their own apartments for short term renting or subletting.  This does not involve an application process with Kamins but may involve one with whoever is listing their own apartment.

Do your listings have swimming pools?

No.  We do not offer any sports amenities at any of our properties.  But there are many locations in Amherst and the surrounding area that offer recreational facilities as well as the state parks and conservation areas.